Rodos BioTarget (RBT) is a biopharmaceutical company developing a targeted drug  
delivery platform. RBT’s patented TargoSphere® technology enables carrying a broad  
range of active agents selectively into the center of the immune response - i.e., directly  
into antigen-presenting cells.

RBT currently applies its TargoSphere® technology successfully in various models of  
infectious diseases caused by viruses like HCV/ Hepatitis C and HIV/ AIDS and by bacteria  
like in Tuberculosis, Legionellosis, and MRSA. Yet, any disorder that goes along with  
either overshooting or insufficient immunity caused by antigen-presenting cells - like  
chronic inflammations, cancers, allergies, and autoimmune diseases - may be addressed  
by RBT’s TargoSphere® technology.

RBT’s enabling technology offers an innovative approach to support the development of  
novel drugs, to render existing drugs more effective, or to provide a path towards  
extending the intellectual property position of already approved treatments.

RBT already partners a growing number of projects with industry and academia. We  
gladly welcome your suggestions for further co-developments and collaborations.
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December 4, 2013
Government supports
RBT to develop antibacterial
TargoSphere® formulation

June 11, 2014
RBT on the leap towards
first clinical trials

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